Our story

What is KA:MA?

It all began with beanies. Of course, beautiful yarns and a love for handicrafts also played an important role; as did the wonderful feeling that you get from making something with your own hands. At first, the beanies were knitted to delight family members and friends but soon enough, we wanted to share the warmth and joy of handicrafts with others as well. This is how KA:MA was born.

Kaberneeme – our summer home

KA:MA is an acronym for Kaberneeme Marina ie. the Kaberneeme small-boat harbour. A significant part of our family’s life is tied to the marina and the village of Kaberneeme. We take every chance we get to escape the city bustle and head to this waterfront village – to wind down by the sea and the forest. It feels great to be here, even when it’s windy by the sea, as there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing! After all, you can get KA:MA beanies from us!

The Estonian handicrafts’ brand

By buying KA:MA products, you help to support Estonian handicrafts and thereby the village of Kaberneeme, which is very dear to our hearts. Inspiration for the KA:MA brand was taken from the life by the sea and in the village of Kaberneeme. KA:MA products can be purchased in our online shop and in summer-time, also in Kaberneeme at the harbour café-restaurant, which is actually called very simply “The Harbour Café”.

It so happens that an Estonian national dish is also called ‘kama’, thereby making the brand name even more unique and Estonian in connotations.

Hopefully you will enjoy KA:MA beanies and our other handcrafted items as well as carefully selected products from our partners just as much as we do, or even a bit more.

We would like to thank all our friends and their friends, who have shared their photos with us and thereby have helped to expand the KA:MA photo gallery.

The KA:MA brand supports the Estonian Cancer Treatment Fund “The Gift of Life” by making an annual donation based on the sales of KA:MA products.

Yours faithfully, the Nurmetalo family